How to Print Ninety-nine Multiplication Tables in Python

Here this example will tell us how to print ninety-nine multiplication tables in Python.
1) Nested loop

Since the nine-ninth multiplication table is two-dimension, we need to use a nested loop, that is, the outer loop controls the row, the inner loop controls the column.

2) Separators

The nine-ninth multiplication table needs to seperate items. Here we use 3 spaces as the seperator.

Source Code

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

# How to print ninety-nine multiplication tables in Python

for i in range(1, 10): 
    for j in range(1, i + 1):  
        print('{}x{}={}   '.format(i, j, i * j), end='')  


2x1=2   2x2=4   
3x1=3   3x2=6   3x3=9   
4x1=4   4x2=8   4x3=12   4x4=16   
5x1=5   5x2=10   5x3=15   5x4=20   5x5=25   
6x1=6   6x2=12   6x3=18   6x4=24   6x5=30   6x6=36   
7x1=7   7x2=14   7x3=21   7x4=28   7x5=35   7x6=42   7x7=49   
8x1=8   8x2=16   8x3=24   8x4=32   8x5=40   8x6=48   8x7=56   8x8=64   
9x1=9   9x2=18   9x3=27   9x4=36   9x5=45   9x6=54   9x7=63   9x8=72   9x9=81   
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