How to Check Whether a Number is a Palindrome in Python

Here this example will help us learn how to judge if a number is a palindrome in Python.
If the number n reads the same backward as forward, it is a palindrome. For example if n = 1234321, n is a palindrome, it is not if n = 1234123.


  • Convert the input number to a string type for easy processing.
  • The element of index (i) is to be compared with the element of index (-i-1).
  • Stop comparison until reaching the middle of the string.

Source Code

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

a = int(input("Please input a number: "))
x = str(a)
flag = True

for i in range(int(len(x)/2.0)):
    if x[i] != x[-i - 1]:
        flag = False
if flag:
    print("%d is a palindrome!" % a)
    print("%d is not a palindrome!" % a)


Please input a number: 334543343
324543343 is not a palindrome!

Please input a number: 233454332
233454332 is a palindrome!
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